3 Examples of What Outdoor Advertisement Can Do

In this era of competitive world where every company wants to increase their profit margins advertisement is the trump card which every company plays in different ways to attract consumers. This is one of the best and easiest ways to reach out to consumer. Basically, it helps them to know about the product. Through advertisement, a company is able to prove that they are better than their competitors. Advertisement media has many aspects like hoardings, posters, television ads and advertisement of radio or newspaper. But outdoor advertising has shown incredible results and have helped a lot of companies to push up their sales.

There are other types of advertisements like metro advertising which is very easy and creative medium to advertise the product. Out of home advertising has also helped the companies to plan their marketing strategies in an efficient way.

Here are some examples of how outdoor advertisement can attract consumers: -

One of the amazing and creative outdoor advertisement idea by a leading car brand not only attracted people but even made them aware about the efficiency of their cars. It is a part of 'do something different campaigns' which shows travelling distance it will take to reach four beautiful places in UK. The advertisement is based on the live traffic and updates. Another creativity which was noticed is they have put their beautiful cars in the photo background which articles customers and increases their curiosity to know about the car shown.

Another very unique and multichannel advertisement was performed a leading provider of mobile phone, mobile broadband, Sim and deals. Here they firstly collaborated with DAX and MOBSTA which helped them to log the devices via Bluetooth. The log devices then get registered if they pass any OOH site. This helped them to advertise on digital radio at the range of 500m.

One of the brands used the local weather information to advertise their product. They showed up the products which can easily be used in particular weather. Like pushing the sale of patio furniture during summers

All these examples have shown how advertisement can attract people easily and help you establish your brand presence among consumers. Way to go! Get going to invest in outdoor advertising and explore the offerings in plenty.

Source : https://outdooradvertisingdelhi.blogspot.in/2018/05/3-examples-of-what-outdoor.html