Cases Where Outdoor Media Advertising Must be Avoided

Outdoor advertising in Delhi are effective but not all the times and not for all the products. Like everything has its own limitations similarly Advertising in Rapid Metro also has certain restrictions. Here we are with a brief know how about places where Outdoor Media Advertising might not be suitable. Here are the Cases Where Outdoor Media Advertising Must Be Avoided. These are as follows:

Not for complex products

As a person does not have much time to read the billboards, therefore you need to be very particular about the word limit. a survey has found that six seconds is the estimated industry average that is available for reading a billboard. In other words it means that only six words can be properly read. It further implies that you need to sum up your thoughts in just six words. It might push a little depending on the ease of the words that you are reading. But if you follow the rule of thumb then you must know that less is better. In a nutshell, this type of advertisement is beneficial only if you have a simple product to endorse for the complex product you ought to stay away from the billboards.

No direct response

A billboard is a powerful medium of only secondary advertising. It means that it is good only for brand-building as well as supporting the campaign. In no case should you be expecting a direct response from such a type of advertisement in the sense, a call or a website visit as per the information given on the site. This type of advertisement is not meant for any sort of heavy lifting. There are loads of other ways for those who intend to get a direct response from the advertisements that they do. You are completely on a wrong track f you intend to get a direct result or response.

All in all, these are the Cases Where Outdoor Media Advertising Must Be Avoided. In case you forcefully apply the same here, you will have no positive response from the same.