Things You Must Know About Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising agencies play a very important role in getting the most effective results from your billboard advertisement. OOH advertising has been credited with the promising results from such types of advertisements. Hoarding advertising agencies in Delhi follow certain guideline and tips that help them to create the billboards effectively. Here are Things You Must Know About Outdoor Advertising.

Gross Ratings Points (GRP)

Making a single billboard is not a cheap task and on the same note it is not effective either. These are actually a mass market medium, which at times requires a huge support. This means that you need to go in for making multiple billboards so that you can get more and more eyes on the same. Every billboard consists of a Gross Ratings Points (GRP) that is based on traffic and visibility in addition to location and size. If you get a rating of 50, then half the population in the area is reading the same. So, in order to get a high rating you need to place more billboards.

Demonstration not an illustration

More than an illustration your billboard needs to be a demonstration. So, you need to get a creative inside of you into function. Though a flat billboard is a standard way but that is not a convention, you always have an opportunity to innovate. Animations can also do wonders. Do anything that is eye-catching and at the same time memorable. The simulated crash billboard is the one to get the maximum response. The price of making a fancy billboard will be quite more than going in for a standard one but then the impact will be equally gigantic and response will be better.

All in all, these are the Things You Must Know About Outdoor Advertising. If you keep all these things in mind then you will be able to create the best billboard design for your brand that will bear effective results. Doing so will also attract attention of more people and help them retain what they have seen having a long lasting impact.